Application of Avers-Light

Application of Avers-light

A special place in human life is given to light. Light in the life of both plant and animal cells plays one of the main roles. It was established that the growth and development rate of a cell is proportional to the effect of the amount of light on this cell.

And we are not talking about x-ray or ultraviolet radiation, but we are talking about the visible, cold part of the spectrum of sunlight, in particular its blue part (wavelength 420 - 490 nanometers). Back in the 18-19 centuries, the bactericidal and analgesic properties of blue light were established, which have been widely developed at present.

After a series of scientific studies of the properties of blue light, the scientific and production company "Avers" (Moscow) developed, tested and certified the physiotherapeutic devices "DOCTOR LIGHT" and "Avers - Light". The basis of which, new methods of exposure to the mucous membrane of the mouth and nasopharynx of a person were laid down with a blue monochromatic spectrum of sunlight.

The products underwent medical clinical trials in leading institutes and clinics in Russia, where they received a high assessment of their therapeutic qualities in the prevention of respiratory and viral infections, including influenza and pneumonia of moderate severity, without the participation of any medications.

Very high praise for the products was given by colleagues from the European Certification Center. Both products are certified for use in all European countries.

And if we take into account that in most European countries, the use of antibiotics, especially young children, is equivalent to an organ transplant, then our products fell simply “to the court”.
Here are the diseases that can be prevented without the participation of drugs, you can say this:

- laryngitis;

- otitis media;

- rhinitis;

- tracheobronchitis;

- fungal infection of the oral mucosa;

- pneumonia of moderate severity;

- flu;

- toothache, incl. during teething;

- cough and ear pain;

- sinusitis;

- rhinopharyngitis;

- periodontal disease;

- stopping the development of diabetes.

Products do not have negative side effects, the duration of the course of the disease is reduced by half and proceeds more easily than with the participation of drug therapy.

The conducted pharmaceutical and economic studies have shown that the Doctor Light product replaces about 150 medicines, and the Avers-Light product already replaces more than 500 medicines.

And these arguments are undeniable towards the widespread use of physiotherapeutic devices of a new generation, which include Doctor Light and Avers-Light products that can be used at home, without prescriptions and without fear for negative consequences after their use.

The Avers-Light device is made in the form of a “flashlight” with a light guide, for the convenience of affecting the oropharynx of a person and is designed for use by children over 4 years of age and the adult population.

The product uses the same visible spectrum of blue sunlight. The device can be used both orally and non-invasively (transdermally), acting on human blood through the skin.

The product operates on two batteries (type AAA) and performance depends on the availability of batteries. This device easily copes with allergies of all etiologies, including hay fever.

The product has successfully passed clinical trials at the Moscow Medical Academy. I.M.Sechenova (Rector of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences and RAMS M.A. Pal'tsev), in the Clinic for Diseases of the Ear, Throat and Nose Excellent results - 50%, good - 40%, satisfactory - 10%.

Diseases - rhinopharyngitis, rhinitis, fungal infections of the oral cavity, otitis media, tonsillitis, allergic manifestations. Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 40 (head physician, professor A. Ya. Samokhin), physiotherapy department. The age of patients is from 23 to 76 years. Excellent and good results - 100%.

121 patients were treated, in addition to diseases of the ear, throat and nose, the device was also used in dentistry in the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis and candidiasis.

The terms of treatment of patients decreased by 1.5 times. And this is also without medical intervention. Almost similar results were obtained at the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 67 (head physician, professor A.S. Skoda).

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