The effectiveness of blue light on the human body

The effectiveness of blue light on the human body

Clinical studies conducted by the AVERS Research and Production Company in 2004 showed that after a 10-minute exposure with the «Avers-Light» photo-emitting device to the “cubital” vein at the bend.

Average increase:

- T-lymphocytes - by 204%;

- T-active lymphocytes - by 170%;

- B-lymphocytes - by 159%;

Immunoglobulins M, G, E, A by 112, 120, 123 and 126%, respectively.

In this case, lipid peroxidation is reduced, and the activity of the antioxidant system is significantly increased. These indicators determine the immunity of the human body, which provide recognition and destruction of cells that carry foreign antigens. Due to the blue light of the device, the thymus and thymus are activated, which increase the reproduction of immune cells and play the most important role in the body's immune response to viruses and pathogenic microorganisms. This device is able to protect against any human viral disease, including coronavirus, solely due to the activation of the human immune system, when it is not a drug that is designed exclusively for one type of virus that fights viruses, but the entire human immune system enters into the fight.

At a scientific conference held on March 20, 2020 at the Research Institute of Pulmonology, Academician A.G. Chuchalin, chief physician and chief pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, as well as a representative of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation at UNESCO, concluded that the «AVERS-Light» phototherapeutic device, as of today day, is the most effective tool for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections, able to activate the human body to fight any kind of virus, including coronavirus.

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