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Health with light
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The Avers-San device is intended for the prevention and treatment of skin diseases. metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal system, postoperative rehabilitation, stimulation of tissue restoration after wounds and burns, restoration of immunodeficiency, as well as for use in cosmetology.

The device is used by analogy with Avers-Shower, but if there are open ulcers on the skin surface, water is not allowed, and for this purpose an anhydrous phototherapeutic device was developed.

The composition includes:

1.Electric lamp with a focusing lens:

blue spectrum emitters

Blue - 430 nm - 460 nm ± 2 nm

green spectrum emitters

Green - 495 nm - 525 nm ± 2 nm

red spectrum emitters

Red - 660 nm - 740 nm ± 2 nm

2.Remote control

3. A device with an electric lampholder, wire, switch and plug for installing the lamp and a bracket for mounting.

The device can substitute over 2000 different medications and drugs.

The “Avers-Sun” bio-lamp set includes  3 bulbs  with  the  standard  screw-in  base. The bio-lamp works of a standard 220-240 V European 2 pin plugs. The  light emissions are in the bands of: Blue – 430nm – 460nm ± 2nm Green – 495nm – 525nm ± 2nm Red – 660nm – 740nm ± 2nm Every  one  of  the  single  monochromatic emitters has a fixed  wavelength.

Emitting power is about 5-15 milliwatts with working time of no less than 10000 hours. Fields of use: therapy,  medical  centers and personal uses. Medical test for the “Avers-Sun” bio-lamp was conducted at the  “Medical   research centre  for obstetrics,  gynecology  and parentology  of  Medical   Research   Academy  of  Russia;  Clinical  Hospital  Number 1 (Volynskaya)  Executive  office  of   the  President  of  RF;  Central  military  hospital P.V. Mandryka.

Registration No. ФСР 2010/09435 as of 15/12/2010. Methods of use: Apply  locally  to  a  pre  cleaned  area  of  the skin that is to be treated. The distance at which  best  kept  should  be  about  5-7cm  from the surface of the skin to the emitter lens.

When Applying to the face, the eyes must be protected with sunglasses or closed. Procedure duration:10-20 minutes Number of procedures: 10-20.  1 in  the  morning  and 1  in  the  evening.  After  a  30  day  break,  repeat  all procedures. Precautions:

Not recommended to use after NMR therapies or EM therapies.

We  cannot  begin  to  comprehend  enough  the  meaning of light  as we get all that is necessary for life from it.  Without it,  just like  without air, will have negative effects on the human body. Sunlight plays the key role during the ages of development of man. It is  very  common  for  healthy  people  to  be  in  great  need  of  sunlight  however the take in  and  sensitivity  of  the  skin  varies  from  person  to  person. 

It is  know  that  sunlight  effects  the creation and development of the different human races. Those cultures who inevitable are effected by sunlight, for example  Africans and Native  Americans (Indians),  tend  to  have  a  strong and well built kind of people.

The same works in reverse,  people  of  the  north,  they  do  not  get  much of sunlight and  therefore  tend  to  have  a  grayish  yellow  skin  colour,  and  suffer  from various illnesses.

Thanks  to  the  sun’s rays, the body’s metabolic rates tend to speed up.  Back in 1866 it was proven that a person during  sleeping  hours  at  night, on average gives off 23% less Carbon Dioxide than sleeping during the day time. It’s  tough  but  true  that  in  Russia,  the  only  place  that  can  provide  sunlight  is  in Krasnodar  Krai  but  even that  is  only 87% of the real demand.

 As for areas above the 50º Latitude,  those  are  about  just  about  self  explanatory  with less than 30% of the demand. As for polar regions, enough said already. Thereby,  finishing  research  on  the  properties  of  the  blue, green and red colours of light,  researchers  of  the JSC “AVERS” have  created  the  bio-lamp  “Avers-Sun”.  This is one of the must-have things in the house to get the required solar energy we do not get.

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