About JVC Avers

Avers was created on the basis of the “Onix” Trust in 2002. Avers workforce is a collection of scientists with high qualifications which allows goals to be achieved much quicker with very productive results.

The community of the company carries out scientific research in the fields of physiotherapeutic devices of the new generation which are based on a monochromatic emitters of set wavelength based on the visible sunlight spectrum.

They do not have any negative side effects like the commonly know laser treatment. Several devices have already gone out on the market, like physiotherapeutic devices for treating very young infants that goes by the name “Doctor Light” and in principle for the ease of use is a dummy with a built in monochromatic emitter.

Also another product that has pass all clinical testing is the “Avers Shower” which incases qualities of a shower, and monochrome blue emitters with a wavelength of 450nm and the jet of water works as the light conductor. Also, “Avers Sun” and “Avers Light” have passed their clinical and medical testing and have all the necessary documents and registration in order.

Phototherapeutic device “Avers Light” is used for prophylaxis and otorhinolaryngological disorders and diseases, gynecological and urological cases for treatments both in sanitariums and at home. It is also very small in size and therefore easy to carry around and can be a good way of protecting yourself against viral infection including flu.

The bio-lamp “Avers Sun” is also used for prophylaxis and for treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, dysfunctional blood circulation especially on the microcirculation level, chronic bronchitis and asthma, ulcer and irritation formations in the intestinal area and small intestines.

At the moment, all above mentioned products are manufactured on a large scale production. Using the products in sanitariums and medical centers will give the best results and will protect against infections and diseases which would not only an increased economical effect on a center but also on a larger scale of town, city and even country. The products do not have any side effects and therefore treatment is cheaper than stationary treatment.