About us

We are official representatives of NPK Avers CJSC. Our product is exclusive and has no analogues in the world.
In our online store we present safe and effective products for you and your family. As well as products that extend the existence of your property. This is the category of things that will not be stored in your boxes, turning into junk. This is what is of value to YOU. Since YOUR life is priceless.

Health appliances use a natural and safe method of prevention and treatment and diseases without side effects. The devices use monochromatic emitters of different lengths. The application of sunlight is as old as humanity itself. Sunlight and water were the closest healing factors for humans.

Unlike additives, these devices do not cause allergies and do not end in a couple of weeks. They are completely safe, you can use the whole family and with careful use you will last for several years. They are indispensable for pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as for young children. Just change the battery and continue to use them.

Our devices are not replaceable for use at home, on trips and at work and are aimed at solving various health problems. All devices have passed clinical trials and have proven themselves well. Use our appliances to improve your quality of life.

Each parent wishes the best for his family and we are pleased to offer you these devices so that you can safely improve your quality of life and get the desired results without side effects.

And our LAC "Avers-Plast" will extend the life of your property for many years. All that is precious and valuable to you can serve you even longer and please you.

According to research and experiments, it is ahead of the effectiveness of many other similar tools. No wonder this varnish will be used to preserve the heart and symbol of France, the Effel Tower.

Thanks to our products, you can instantly take control of your life and the life of your loved ones.
“Obverse Light” can always be carried with you, both at home and on any trip, use this safe device to eliminate painful symptoms or eliminate viruses and bacteria.

It is intended for the treatment and prevention of diseases of otorhinoparingology (cough, runny nose, colds), gynecology and urology. With this device you can do it quickly and safely.

“Avers-Dush” and “Avers-San”, this device provides prophylaxis and treatment of about 50 different diseases. This is especially true when you can not go out on different reasons. Water for light is a conductor and the effect on the body is much more intense and efficient.

Just using a shower you can recover and solve many of your problems. Three different colors are used in the shower aimed at eliminating various diseases or their prophylaxis.

The Avers-Dush device is intended for use in preventive and therapeutic purposes in medical institutions, rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers. And also in nursing homes, sanatorium systems, as well as at home.

“Avers-San” This lamp is used to prevent and treat skin diseases, especially when it is forbidden to use water or to wet a wound (eczema, dermatomycosis, pruritic dermatoses, wounds, trophic ulcers, scars), anemia, seasonal depression, desynchrosis, allergic manifestations, liver diseases (cirrhosis, hepatitis), secondary immunodeficiencies, metabolic diseases and hyperviscosity.

Dummy soother “Doctor Light” is used to treat mild and moderate forms of acute respiratory viral infections in children from birth to 4 years.

And also for the prevention of cough and acute respiratory infections during a period of increased risk of disease, with epidemics and of course for preventive purposes.

It is also used during teething, accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes and to alleviate the condition of the child after vaccination.

Avers-Des is a bactericidal toothbrush cleaner. In the process of testing similar devices and tools, our device actually eliminates all pathogenic microflora, unlike others that do not solve this problem in full and are sometimes just dummies.

The small device is convenient to use, both at home and on trips. The ultraviolet and blue light spectrum have high bactericidal properties. And together they reinforce each other.

The bactericidal cleaner is intended for daily use in the prevention of paradantosis, caries and respiratory viral diseases. "Avers - Freshguard" - this device belongs to household appliances and is intended to significantly increase the shelf life of food products, without freezing and without loss of useful properties and taste.

It can be used in domestic and industrial refrigerators, commercial stained-glass windows and display cases, as well as in containers intended for the transport of food.