Avers-Shower properties

Red color use is effective in the therapy of flu and viral diseases of upper respiratory tracts, hypotonia, hypochondria, flaccid paralyses and also dermal signs of some diseases: measles, lupus, arthragra, rose/erysipelas, chicken pox, scarlatina. In ophtalmology, it is used in case of myopia, heterophthalmia, retina dystrophias.

The device is intended to prevent and cure the following diseases:

  • cardiac diseases;

  • upper and lower respiratory tracts diseases;

  • allergic diseases;

  • nervous diseases;

  • vascular diseases;

  • gastro-intestinal diseases;

  • immunodeficiency;

  • endocrinal diseases;

  • blood diseases;

  • urology and gynecology;

  • locomotor system diseases.

Therapeutic capacities of the device are of special importance in the preventive treatment and therapy of diabetes mellitus in Type 1 and Type 2 patients. After 7 – 14 – 21 days, provided that the device was used on a daily basis in the time of hygienic procedures (in the morning and in the evening), blood glucose level reduced from 14 mmol/l to 5-7 mmol/l. After the treatment procedure, the blood glucose level reduced to 4.2 – 4.8 mmol/l. Everything occurred without insulin or drugs.

The following text shall be put instead of the old one in section “Intended use”.

  1. Cerebrovascular disease.

  2. Ischemic heart disease.

  3. Hypertonic disease.

  4. Non-coronary myocardial disease (cardiopathy).

  5. Rehabilitation period after myocardial infarction.

  6. Rehabilitation period after ischemic brain stroke.

  7. Compression syndrome.

  8. Other diseases accompanied by blood hyper viscosity syndrome and disorders in hemostasis system.

  9. Venous insufficiency of lower extremities.

  10. Rehabilitation period after viral or bacterial infection.

  11. Rehabilitation period after heavy traumas.

  12. Rehabilitation period after surgeries, including those in oncologic patients.

  13. Secondary immunodeficiencies including those in oncologic patients after X-ray treatment and chemotherapy.

  14. Prophylaxis to people dealing with radioactive sources and in the preparation for X-ray treatment.

  15. Hepatocirrhosis, hepatitis.

  16. Intestinal dyskinesis of spastic and atopic nature.

  17. Lipotrophy, hyperlipidemia.

  18. Alcoholism, alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

  19. Arthroses and arthritides.

  20. Vertebral osteochondrosis.

  21. Neurasthenia.

  22. Asthenic syndrome.

  23. Heavy emotional stress (shock) after exposure to extreme conditions.

  24. Body hypothermia (freezing injury of body parts).

  25. Disturbance of sleep.

  26. Seasonal depression.

  27. Climacteric syndrome.

  28. Menstrual disorder.

  29. Fibrocystic diseases (mastopathy).

  30. Hemorrhoid.

  31. Prostatisis.

  32. Dermal allergic reactions.

  33. Neurodermatitis.

  34. Contact and toxic dermatitis.

  35. Bronchial asthma.

  36. Chronic bronchitis at the stage of remission.

  37. Prophylaxis of cold-related diseases including flu.

  38. Application to improve the body energy in heavy and long-lasting, emotional and physical exertions in athletes.

  39. Application to improve living standards and prophylaxis of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases in elderly and old people.

  40. In case of fetal hypoxia for the entire period of pregnancy, significant reduction of maternal intoxication.

  41. Increase of immunity of human skin covers in intensive irradiation with UV-rays (sun-tan).

  42. Haemarthrosis and hematomas in injuries.

  43. Browache.

  44. Vegetative and vascular dystonia.

  45. Diabetes mellitus.

  46. Osteopenia (osteoporosis, osteomalacia).

  47. Impotence.

  48. Diseases connected with metabolic disorders (arthragra).

  49. To enhance human life tonus in long absence of solar light, in the period from September till May.

There are no restrictions to using the AVERS-Shower photo therapeutic device for hydro-massage and light effect for elderly / old people and lactating mothers.

When a human being takes shower every day he/she is doing hygienic and prophylactic procedures not thinking of them, thus normalizing the blood viscosity and activating his/her immune system, which is important to people over 50. By taking hydrotherapeutic procedures for 10-15 minutes every day, a human being gets the same solar energy as if he/she has walked all the day on the Black Sea beach in July.

Due to its therapeutic effects, this device may replace all the medical staff of a city clinic with all of its drugs.

The device can substitute over 3 000 different medications and drugs!!!

Methods for Using the AVERS-Shower device



Disease name and spectrum color

Body areas to which the device can be applied





Hypertension, browache, rehabilitation after cerebral hemorrhage (blue)

Head surface, temporal fossa, cervical dorsum, breast.

The body surface


Vegetative-vascular dystonia, chronic heart disorders, cardiac hypertrophy, non-coronary myocardial diseases (cardiopathy), rehabilitation after myocardial infarction (blue, green, 10 Hz).

Area of breath and back

The body surface


Venous insufficiency of upper extremities (blue, 50 Hz)

Arm and hand surface

The body surface


Venous insufficiency of lower extremities, arthragra (blue, 50 Hz)

Legs and feet surface

The body surface


Neurasthenia (blue)

The body surface


Stress, overwork, over-strain (all colors)

The body surface


Disturbance of sleep, seasonal depression, to improve physical condition (all colors)

The body surface


Over-strain, physical overwork, acclimatization, alcohol withdrawal syndrome (blue, 50 Hz)

Abdomen, all the body surface


Vertebral osteochondrosis (blue)

Left-sided circular rotation along the whole vertebra (neck – tail bone)

The body surface


Hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis (blue, 50 Hz)

Projection of liver and pancreatic gland from the side of abdomen and back

The body surface


Intestinal dyskinesis of spastic and atopic nature (blue, red)


The body surface


Hemorrhoid, prostatitis, impotence, menstrual disorder, climacteric syndrome (blue, green)

Perianal and pelvic area

The body surface


Prophylaxis and rehabilitation period after viral and bacterial infections (blue, 50 Hz)

Breast, all the body surface


Chronic bronchitis, improvement of living standards and prophylaxis of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases in elderly and old people (all colors)

Breath and back area, neck area

The body surface


Bronchial asthma, secondary immune-deficiencies, including those in oncological patients after X-ray treatment and chemotherapy, alcoholism (all colors)

Breath and back area

The body surface


Dermal allergic reactions, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, contact and toxic dermatitis (red)

Places of allergic manifestations, all the body surface


Lipotrophy, diabetes mellitus (blue, 50 Hz)

Abdomen area, all the body surface


Rheumatism, osteoporosis (blue, all colors)

Joints area

The body surface


Arthrosis, arthritides of lower extremities (blue, green)

Legs, pelvic area

The body surface


Diseases accompanying increased blood viscosity (blue, 50 Hz)

The body surface


Fetal hypoxia (blue)

Breast and abdomen area

The body surface


Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia (blue)

Abdomen area, all the body surface


Rehabilitation period after traumas (injuries, hematomas, acute pains) (all colors)

Injured places, pains, hematomas

The body surface


Rehabilitation period after fractures, postoperative period, hypothermia, compression syndrome (all colors)

Near the fracture or surgery (avoid soaking the bandage, gypsum), cold-related injury or compression area.


Enhance of body protection against radioactive sources and high-frequency emitters (blue)

The body surface


Enhance of body protection against ultraviolet emission (sun-tan) (blue)

The body surface