T-lymphocytes and human immunity

The results of clinical studies on the prevention and treatment of all types of human viral diseases. The studies were carried out at the Novosibirsk State Medical University using our Avers-Light phototherapeutic device

Healing blue light

In the period  from  January to April 2020, clinical studies were conducted  on  the effect of  the blue light spectrum  (not ultraviolet) on the prevention and treatment of  all  types  of  viral  diseases.  A special  place  was  allocated  to the following issues:

The influence of the monochromatic blue spectrum of light with a certain wavelength on the increase in the reproduction of T-lymphocytes and immunoglobulins, which determine the human immunity.
The effect of blue light on the normalization of blood viscosity in humans.
The effect of blue light on increasing oxygen levels in the blood.
The effect of blue light on the prevention and treatment of hay fever.
Studies have shown that an increase in T-lymphocytes, with a 10-minute exposure, occurred from 159 to 204%, and immunoglobulins from 112 to 126%. Therefore, the body itself is able to fight any kind of virus, unlike vaccines, which can fight only one type of virus.

After a course of therapy with the Avers-Light device alone, blood viscosity returned to normal in almost 86% of patients. This ensures that there are no negative side effects associated with an increase in blood viscosity when taking many drugs.

But a special place in blue light therapy is occupied by the effect of a significant increase in oxygen in the blood due to activation of hemoglobin, which absorbs precisely a certain wavelength of the blue spectrum of light, which is available in the Avers-Light device. After absorption of a quantum of light, the hemoglobin molecule goes into an active state and can transfer not one oxygen molecule, but four at once! Which leads to an increase in oxygen content in the blood by 32 - 39%.

Also, the device occupies an important place in the prevention and treatment of hay fever. Blue monochromatic light helps to restore intracellular metabolism, which blocks the release of  histamine  from  cells. In  addition,  histamine  is  a pathogenic  substance and  it  is  the  main  transmitter  or  mediator of  pain. And if you block the receptors that are sensitive to histamine, how the pain instantly disappears. Therefore, when carrying out procedures  with  the  device, any kind of pain, including toothache, migraine  and  muscle pain,  is  stopped during  strokes.

According to its prophylactic and therapeutic properties, the device can replace a large  number of drugs,  but unlike  them, the device does not have negative side effects for  human  health. Citizens, and  now  the choice is yours !!!  The   device can  be purchase here