Uses Bio-Lamp "Avers-Sun"

Uses phototherapeutic device, Bio-Lamp AVERS-SUN

CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION № ФСР 2010/09435 as of 15/12/2010 

For  regular  uses  day  to  day  uses,  skin  disorders  (eczema, dermatomicosis, inflamed dermatosis,  cuts,  trophic  ulcer, scars), anaemia, seasonal depression, Jet-Lag,   allergic   reactions,   liver  diseases   (cerrosis  of   the  liver, Hepatitis), secondary  immunodeficiency,  metabolic  rate  disorders  and  Paraproteinemia. (patent pending #54792 as of 27/07/2006) 

The bio-lamp  with  emitters  is  used for precaution treatments for the

following sicknesses:  

- Headaches

- Hepatitis and liver cerrosis

- Chronic arterial deficiency of the lower extremities

- Joints disorders and ischemic disease of the upper extremities

- Brain circulatory system disorder

- Choric obstructive bronchitis

- Venal trophic ulcer

- Secondary immunodeficiency

- Seasonal depression

- Inflammation of both throat and nose

- Burns and sunburns

- Osteochondroses

- thyroid gland diseases

- Upset intestine

- Normalized microcirculation under the skin

Lamp with a red colour emitter is used for precaution treatments for the following sicknesses:

- Inflammatory diseases

- Bronchial asthma

- Stenocardia and heart attack

- Stomach and duodenum ulcers

- Skin diseases (measles, lupus, smallpox, scarlet fever)

- Trophic venal ulcers


Lamp with a blue, red and green colour emitters are used for precaution treatments for the following sicknesses:

- Hyperthermia

- Headaches

- Neurosis and stress

- Neurasthenic syndrome

- Over exhaustio- Insomnia

Uses for cosmetics purposes:

- Hematoma

- bruise

- Increase of skin elasticity

- Muscles and vessels spasm removal

- Smoothes out skin folds on the chin and face

- Decrease the visibility of the veins on the hands